Press Bio

ALISON ASHLEY FORMENTO is the author of multi-award-winning nature picture books This Tree Counts!This Tree, 1, 2, 3These Bees Count!, These Seas Count! and These Rocks Count! (2014). Her debut young adult novel Twigs is published by new imprint Merit Press Books, helmed by The New York Times bestselling author, Jacquelyn Mitchard. Alison has written for publications including The New York Times, The Writer, Parenting and numerous international and regional magazines. She loves visiting schools and libraries and donates a portion of her book sales to

About This Tree Counts!

“Not only does this tree count, it matters!…The message branches out into a concisely written story with a child’s point of view that is enlivened with realistic and artfully composed paper-cut and digital-collage illustrations. Teachers will welcome this “going green” tale, which ends with the junior tree huggers planting more trees.” —Booklist

“Snow’s collage illustrations add texture and natural beauty to the story. The characters are dressed in outfits that showcase their individual personalities. The picture of the industrious kids working together in the grassy field under a bright blue sky epitomizes the story’s theme of cooperation and friendship.” —School Library Journal

“The result gives a very earthy, made-from-nature feel to the illustrations. Snow’s animals are easy to count and will keep young readers occupied….this will suit many audiences.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A green counting book with panache.” —Publishers Weekly


About This Tree, 1, 2, 3

“This abridged version of Formento’s This Tree Counts (Albert Whitman, 2010) simplifies the ecological lesson….the important message remains. This title functions well as a counting book and as an introduction to an oak tree’s inhabitants.” —School Library Journal

These Seas Count! makes the cover of the Spring 2013 Albert Whitman catalog!


About These Bees Count!

“…the adventures of this multicultural class of kids are sure to interest readers, and Snow makes it easy to identify and count the items in the pictures. After learning all about how bees count, readers will be counting on Mr. Tate’s class to give them another environmental armchair trip.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The collage illustrations are a delight, featuring an inviting landscape of fields and flowers….The sense of texture in the pictures is palpable to the point that one is almost surprised to find that the paper is flat and smooth.” —School Library Journal

“With a light, informative narrative and pleasant digital-collage artwork, this picture book offers an engaging introduction to bees.” —Booklist (Online Review)

“Formento’s fresh, crisp digital images bring visual variety to the message about the importance of bees in food chains.” —Publishers Weekly


About These Seas Count!

Captivated readers will imagine they feel the warm sun, salty ocean spray, and cooling breezes along with the students.” —School Library Journal

“Formento once again underlines the value of the learning that takes place outside the classroom.” —Publishers Weekly

“This useful addition to classroom units on ocean life and pollution is the sequel to This Tree Counts! (2010) and These Bees Count! (2012).” —Booklist (Online Review)