These Bees Count!

bees cover

Plot Summary

How do bees count? The bees at the Busy Bee Farm buzz through the sky as one big swarm, fly over two waving dandelions, find three wild strawberries bursting with sweetness . . . As the children in Mr. Tate’s class listen, they learn how bees work to produce honey and make food and flowers grow. Bees count–they’re important to us all.


A 2013 CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People; A 2013 Skipping Stones Honor Award Winner


“…the adventures of this multicultural class of kids are sure to interest readers, and Snow makes it easy to identify and count the items in the pictures. After learning all about how bees count, readers will be counting on Mr. Tate’s class to give them another environmental armchair trip.” —Kirkus Reviews


“The collage illustrations are a delight, featuring an inviting landscape of fields and flowers….The sense of texture in the pictures is palpable to the point that one is almost surprised to find that the paper is flat and smooth.” —School Library Journal


“With a light, informative narrative and pleasant digital-collage artwork, this picture book offers an engaging introduction to bees.” —Booklist (Online Review)


942714_10151461280378364_1001712113_n“Formento’s fresh, crisp digital images bring visual variety to the message about the importance of bees in food chains.” —Publishers Weekly