These Rocks Count!

9780807578704_RocksEducator’s Guide for These Things Count! series (.pdf)

Do rocks count? In more ways than you know . . .

Mr. Tate’s class is about to learn there’s more to rocks than being dirty lumps on the ground. On this field trip they’re visiting the rocky ridge mountains to learn about rocks. At first the children think rocks will be boring, but they soon learn that rocks are all around us in ways we might not expect—such as glass and toothpaste!


“Formento and Snow continue their series of nature-meets-numbers books with a foray into geology. . . an information-rich afterword dives into details about rock types, their uses, notable rock formations, and the study of rocks and volcanoes.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Mr. Tate and his class hike up Rocky Ridge Mountain with their guide, Ranger Pedra, who uses a hands-on approach to shift their attitudes from “Rocks are boring” to ‘Rocks rock!’ Besides dispensing facts during their outing, she encourages them to sense the stories inside the rocks around them. The book’s middle section functions as a counting rhyme on forms and uses of rocks, from 1 sculptor carving stone to ’10 panes of glass’ in a new house. Attractive digital collage artwork illustrates the text . . . this picture book has classroom potential.”