Twigs Discussion Guide & Writing Prompts


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TWIGS by Alison Ashley Formento
Merit Press/F+W Media 2013

TWIGS Discussion Questions and Writing Prompts

Twigs starts college at a school where she doesn’t know anyone. She begins the first day anxious and tired because of a bad night’s sleep. She also has a hard time finding her first class and arrives late.

  • Write about your first day at school.
  • Here are some sample questions to help you write about your experience.
  • Were you excited, nervous, or afraid?
  • Did you know any other students?
  • Who was the first person you spoke to when you arrived at school?
  • Did you get lost in the building? Or have trouble opening your locker?
  • Did you have all of the right school supplies?
  • Did your teacher make you feel welcome?
  • Who did you sit with or talk to in the cafeteria?
  • Did you make any new friends?


Twigs loses her phone and people are lost or missing in her life, too. She’s not sure where her dad is and there’s a mystery about her brother in the Army, too. She has feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness in dealing with these various losses.

Have you ever lost something important to you? A favorite piece of clothing, toy, or  beloved stuffed animal? Or something important you need for school like a signed permission slip for a field trip?

Write about your experience when you’ve lost this important item.

  • Where did you look?
  • How long did you search?
  • Did you ask others for help?
  • Did you feel a particular way because of losing this item?
  • Did you find what was lost?